Research shows CBD compounds in cannabis may help protect against COVID-19.

A new study provides evidence that CBD or cannabidiol extracts in cannabis may help prevent COVID-19 infection. in human and rat cells.

The study was led by American researcher Marsha Rosner, a professor in the Department of Cancer Research at the University of Chicago. Rosner told Reuters that This research shows that CBD can suppress the virus that causes COVID-19. from proliferation in human lung cells.

A Harvard Medical School report states that this extract is the second most active ingredient found in cannabis. The main chemical in marijuana is THC, which is a psychoactive substance. Relax or spell, but there is almost no substance in CBD. So buy CBD product from CBD shop Schweiz to prevent COVID-19.

In such experiments, Researchers treated human lung cells with CBD extract for two hours before the virus was introduced into the cells. And found that when given the right amount of CBD, it reduces the ability of the virus to multiply in cells.

The researchers reported the same results when experimenting with two other cell types, saying that CBD extracts could reduce the proliferation of viruses in different forms or strains of COVID-19.

The researchers also stated that CBD could not stop the virus from entering cells. But it was found to be effective in blocking viral proliferation in the early stages of infection and 6 hours after the virus has infected cells.

Similar results were also reported in experiments with rats.

The recent Science Advances study shows some hope in using CBD to treat COVID-19 symptoms. But Rosner said that more studies are needed to measure the actual effectiveness of CBD, although the findings do not tell if it will work in patients. But it’s also an excellent example for human research.

The researchers studied a group of adults with severe epilepsy who were taking approved CBD-containing drugs. The researchers found that those people had low rates of COVID-19 infection, but Rosner said research on the subject had to be done in humans before any conclusions could be reached.

The researchers also used THC in their experiments. But Rosner said the use of THC was not only ineffective but also ineffective. But taking it along with CBD also blocks the effectiveness of CBD. Collect your CBD medicine from CBD shop Schweiz.

Reuters reports that several other small-scale studies are currently underway on the effectiveness of CBD in preventing COVID-19. Rossner’s team plans to study the possibility of the extract in people with COVID-19. With mild illness.

However, the University of Chicago researcher warned that She worries the media will exaggerate the use of CBD, which could lead people to self-medicate. And avoid vaccinations or wear a mask.

Why will CBD benefit everyone?

Usually, the human body has an endocannabinoid system. (Endocannabinoid System-ECS) ECS will already produce CBD that is beneficial to the body, which can be used to nourish the body in various parts that are needed, but with age, the body will produce less. But the needs of the body are not less at all. Therefore, it has to be taken in various forms, such as dietary supplements, hemp oil, food or desserts, etc., to meet the body’s needs.

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