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Top 5 Benefits of Metal Roofing

Sydney receives a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Flash floods, windstorms and hailstorms are quite common in the region that causes a lot of damage to the house. Therefore, you must take care of its timely repairs and maintenance. Choosing the best roofing supplies in Sydney ensures that your home is protected, which adds value to your property. 

The best way to take care of the house is by looking at the roofing needs, and metal roofing has earned a lot of popularity in recent times. Earlier, metal roofs were used for commercial buildings, but now they are used in residential properties as well. This roofing provides a longer lifespan than conventional materials like asphalt, increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance. 

So, trying something new can be a good idea if you are considering installing a new roof. Read the benefits of metal roofing to know more.

1. Long-lasting

People in Sydney spend anything between $10,000 and $30,000 on home repairs and renovations. When you protect your home’s roof, you reduce the repair and maintenance costs significantly. Metal roofing is more long-lasting and durable than asphalt shingles and can last about 25 years. 

Moreover, installing high-end metal roofs like aluminium shingles and field-locked standing seams can last more than 50 years. So, you can assess the benefits of installing the right roofing for your home.

2. Lightweight

Metal roofing is much lighter compared to traditional roofing materials like concrete tiles. Metal roofing materials usually come in panels with 12–36-inch width that does not require creating a supporting structure. Therefore, the installation process gets much simpler as the width, length and size proportions make it easy to handle.

3. Energy efficiency

The residents in Sydney pay $1253 a year on electricity. So, if you’re looking to cut expenses on your energy bills, metal roofing can be effective. Homes with metal roofs can reduce your cooling costs by 30 per cent per month. 

Metal roofs work great in reflecting sun rays, decreasing the heat reaching your attic. When your attic gets less heated, your AC unit will take less time to cool a room, increasing energy efficiency.

4. Rain protection

Sydney receives heavy rainfall from October to June. So, it is best to install metal roofing to protect the house from such high precipitation. The metal sheets are slippery, making it hard for the water to grip. Further, if you go for metal roofing in dark tones or with PVDF coating, you get even better results.

5. Environment friendly

The products people use in everyday life cause a lot of damage to the environment. So, if you wish to try an eco-friendly alternative, you can contact roofing supplies in Sydney and install metal roofing for the house.

The sources of electricity that you consume do not come from renewable sources. But, when you use metal roofing, you are cutting down on electricity consumption and reducing the use of natural resources. Also, you are making a responsible choice as the roofing material is sourced from recycled metals. 

Metal roofing and solar panels can also be an excellent combination. You can easily install solar panels on the roof. The panel can give you extra shade and increase cooling efficiency.

Also, metal roofing is 100 per cent recyclable. It can be recycled into another metal sheet or used for other purposes. 

There are several benefits of investing in metal roofing. But, remember, it is not a task of DIYers. So, you must do thorough research before hiring professionals with expertise installing metal roofing. Remember, any issue in installation may lead to serious consequences like contraction or expansion of materials resulting in the sheets loosening or allowing moisture entering the panel, causing harm to your home.  

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