Types of Men’s Watches

Men usually wear dive watches as their favorite timepieces. This type of watch likely first became popular because of James Bond. The character wore the Rolex Submariner in his films, beginning with Dr. No. Later, Omega dive watches became Bond’s timepiece of choice. They are incredibly versatile and have some great features. They’re also incredibly expensive, so it’s important to find a good price point before you shop.

Chronographs, on the other hand, have numerous subdials and pushers on the side of the watch. They’re also commonly found in digital watches, since they’re easy to add a chronograph feature. These watches tend to be very busy, but look stylish. You may prefer to choose a watch with a busy dial, like a Breitling. Those with a busy design will probably look great on anyone, but you might not be comfortable with the amount of time they take to read the time.

A field watch is a good choice for men who want to wear their timepiece everywhere, from casual weekend outfits to business attire. While it may not be the most fashionable watch, it will endure rough use. You can pair it with a sports coat or khakis to wear at work or for a date. But be aware that field watches are not always the most stylish. There are many models of men’s field watches, but it is important to choose one that suits your lifestyle.

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