Who is a Technology Enthusiast?

People who love technology are often referred to as technophiles, ‘techies’, and ‘netizens’. People who enjoy using computers and other technology may also refer to themselves as ‘cybernauts,’ ‘cyberjunkies,’ and ‘netheads.’ But there’s also a term for someone who despises technology: a ‘Luddite’. While this term isn’t technically an actual word, it has interesting origins in early 1800s pop culture.

A technology enthusiast is a person who loves using computers and other electronics, and is more knowledgeable about the products than the average consumer. These people are like “prosumers,” but they spend time learning about these products before purchasing them. Despite their love for technology, many people aren’t aware that they can actually be techies. But technology lovers are more than just geeks. There are people who love technology – and it’s not necessarily the case that they’re geeks.

A technophile is a person who keeps up with technology and is passionate about technological advances. He is an expert in a particular field, and his knowledge is generally vast. This individual is often viewed as socially inept and lacking other interests. Ultimately, a techie is someone who is passionate about technology and is willing to learn about new developments. This person has a high level of technical expertise, and will use technology to help others.

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