Your Guide to First Meeting With Your Car Accident Lawyer 

When you get into a car accident, there is a high possibility that you may have faced physical injuries, damage to your car, and emotional pain and suffering. In addition to these, your injuries may prevent you from working, resulting in a loss of income. Fortunately, you can file a car accident claim with the assistance of the right car accident lawyer Salem OR.

After selecting a suitable lawyer for your case, the first meeting is essential. Meeting with your lawyer in person allows you to understand them better and make better decisions about whether they are right for your case or not. Below are a few essential tips for your first meeting with your lawyer to ensure things go well! 

  • Make sure all your documents are in one place. 

Following the accident, there may be various documents and evidence you have. Assemble everything at one place a day before the meeting day so that you do not have to rush in the end moment. Always carry your insurance papers, evidence you have gathered, police reports, doctor’s reports, and more. Carry every document that you think will come in handy. Your lawyer can take a look at the documents for a clear understanding. 

  • Prepare a list of all the questions. 

Getting nervous when meeting your lawyer for the first time is natural. However, the more you are prepared, the better your case’s outcome will be. A day or two before the meeting, write down all the questions you want to ask your lawyer. Writing the questions down will ensure you do not miss out on any crucial questions. Some of the important questions that should be on your list include: 

  • How many years of experience do you have in car accident cases? 
  • How many similar cases have you handled before, and what is the winning percentage? 
  • How do you prefer to communicate with me throughout the process? 
  • How will you charge for my case? Is there any hidden fee that I should know? 
  • Can you represent my case if it goes to court? 
  • How will you help me in gathering additional evidence? 
  • Can I have a look at your previous client testimonials or case studies? 
  • Pay attention to their words and how they communicate. 

You need a confident lawyer by your side who will represent your case with confidence. Therefore, when a lawyer is having a conversation with you, focus on how they are delivering their message to you. 

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